Design Your Own Dino Winner – The Alienosaur!

Congratulations Trisha J. Age 8!

What inspired us to choose the Alienosaur as our Design Your Own Dino Winner?

First off, who wouldn’t be “wowed” by an alien dino? Too cool!!!

In Trisha’s own words;

“Alienosaur is a special dinosaur since he glows happily in the dark galaxy. He is enjoying his life on planet “Alienet.”


That’s super-cool!

Here’s some more fun facts about the Alienosaur;

  • His best friend is a space slug named Alzerbop  animated-spaceship-image-0048
  • Alienosaur has a special skin that helps him glow
  • The antennae on his head are his ears. He can hear far away sounds
  • This dino and his friend love to visit new galaxies in a flying saucer
  • Alienosaur speaks a really weird language. It mostly consists of beeps and whistles.

Thank you Trisha for discovering the Alienosaur!


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