Pterodactyl Show and Tell – It’s Dino-tastic!

When a boy shows up with his pet pterodactyl for show and tell, the class is in for a HUGE surprise.

50818532_10215205469583394_1252703009461239808_n (2)Social studies turned into the War of Independence. Math was fun and until the Pterodactyl went for a run. During reading no one made a squeak and recess was a weird game of hide-and-seek.

Science had the Pterodactyl conducting a tasting test, but his subject didn’t think it was the best!

However, by the end of the day, this show-and-tell pet may not have been the best idea.

What else happens when there’s a Pterodactyl in the third grade class?

Find out in Pterodactyl Show and Tell.

Created by Thad Krasnesky and Tanya Leonello, this “prehistoric” rhyming tale is sure to please all animated-dinosaur-image-0075those dino-loving kiddos!

If you want to purchase a copy of this awesome book, check out Flashlight Press. 

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