Me, Me, Me – It’s All About Teamwork!

When three best friends (Annie, Lillemor, and Lilianne) learn of the school talent show, they get busy planning. The trouble was, Annie thought all her ideas were the best. From song choice, to costumes, to the name of their all-girl group, Annie was definitely taking the lead.

me_me_meBut what happens when her friends decide they don’t want to just be in the background? Will Annie go solo, or will there be another group to join?

Find out in Me, Me, Me by Annika Dunklee.

This book explores how one strong personality can take those closest to her for granted. Annie’s character isn’t trying to be “me, me, me,” it’s just her way!

The illustrations by Lori Joy Smith as cute and simple, which lend themselves nicely to the overall tone and emotions behind the story.

Grab your copy today from Kids Can Press.


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