Why Dogs Are Humans BFF! – #10 Will Surprise You!

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Dogs seem to have endless capabilities to aid humankind. Here are some fun facts about the canine’s capability.

  1. Every person, as a child, wanted a dog for a pet.
  2. Service/Assistance Dogs are trained to be responsive to our physical and emotional needs.
  3. Detection Dogs sniff out bedbugs, bombs, and museum works of art.
  4. Search and Rescue Dogs, with sight and hearing much superior to ours, don’t hesitate to enter dangerous zones to find and save people.
  5. Police Dogs discover missing people from the smell of a piece of their clothing.
  6. Sled dogs, Togo and Balto, risk life and limb to carry supplies over impossible snow trails.
  7. Movie Star Dogs like Lassie, and Benji warm our hearts with their loyalty and devotion.
  8. Space dogs went into orbit to make sure life was safe for people.
  9. Soldier dogs go to war and win medals for efforts beyond the call of duty.

Number 10. Research Has Revealed Another Incredible Canine Capability!

Dogs appear to have a built-in GPS that urges them to align themselves to face north dog1when pooping. 

Recent research has determined that dogs sense magnetic fields and position themselves to face a North-South *axis* when ‘going to the bathroom’. 

Observation of 70 dogs of 37 breeds for two-years confirmed this phenomena. That is why dogs do an agitated spinning around behavior before they relieve themselves.

animated-dog-image-0854In familiar backyards, the dog’s radar has already figured out this directional thing and they settle quickly into their ‘poop position’. But in parks or areas unfamiliar, there is quite a bit of spinning to center into a polar alignment. 

Dogs will absolutely avoid pooping in an East-West position. So, if you are ever lost in the woods, just notice which direction your dog is facing when he poops. Odds are, he’s facing North. When you find your friends, they will be amazed how clever YOU are!

*axis: an imaginary line (magnetic field) starting at the North Pole extending through the center of the Earth to the South Pole. Earth rotates on its axis once every 24-hours.

What do you think of the canine species? Tell us in the comments section!

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