Bugs From Head to Tail – A “Bug-tastic” Good Read!

Which bug has a big horn on its head? Which one has long feathery antennae or even a hairy body? Turn the page to find out which one of our bug friends the close up body part belongs to then learn some cool facts about that species of bug.

Bugs From Head to Tail takes your budding entomologist on an amazing journey with some particularly beautiful bug buddies.

Once you “fly” through the bulk of the book, the very last two pages expands your child’s animated-dragonfly-image-0019knowledge with seven additional bugs, all with extraordinary features.

Bugs truly are AMAZING! Let your child discover Bugs From Head to Tail – they will be amazed, too!

This book was written by Stacey Roderick – she’s wonderful at highlighting the bug’s special features. The illustrations by Kwanchai Moriya combine both an illustrative quality and a visual “textural” component that make them truly unique.

Grab your copy today at Kids Can Press. It’s a bug-tastic good read!

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