What’s It Like to Be a Singer/Songwriter? Interview With JellyBean Queen!

Today we have a very special guest, Elizabeth Eason (better known as) JellyBean Queen, is here to discuss being a singer.songwriter.

1) Tell us a bit about yourself

Hi Smarty Pants Magazine Readers! Thanks for having me! My name is Elizabeth but everyone
calls me the ‘JellyBean Queen’! I am a singer-songwriter and children’s vocal coach! I love
writing and singing songs for children and helping them find their best singing voices too!

I have lots of lovely singing students and a Junior Choir. I call them my ‘JellyBeans’ as they are small and sweet and come in many varieties! I always wear my crown and yes, real jellybeans are often involved as a special treat!

2) Have you always been interested in music and singing?

Yes! I have always loved to sing! Every choir and musical I could be in I would be there! My
favourite kind of singing though is when everyone joins in for a big singalong together!

3) Where do your musical inspirations come from?

My biggest inspiration musically is my Dad, Tony Craythorne. He always sang to me (and my 3
sisters) growing up and taught me how to play ukulele when I was 7. Guitar, banjo, piano
accordion and ukulele were always on hand and these are great because you can sing and play
at the same time!

4) How long have you been performing your own music?

I have only been singing and writing my own music in the last few years. Before then I worked
singing and performing other people’s songs as an entertainer. I always heard my own music in
my head but only recently began to write and release these-and it’s been so much fun! It’s never
too late to do those new things!

5) Tell us about your song

‘Soul Bird’ is all about loving yourself! In the song our cute little Soul Bird (your true self) looks in
the mirror and is filled with love! Looking in the mirror past all the judgement and loving yourself
is a great thing to do!

My ‘Soul Bird’ is based on the bluebird (often representing happiness, joy and love) and the New
Zealand Pīwakawaka (Fantail) but with the cheerful addition of rainbow feathers for some joyful

Extra tip: If you can play a little ukulele all you need to know for this song is a G, F and C (and
perhaps a G7!)and you can play along too!

6) What was it like the first time you stepped in front of an audience?

The first time I stepped in front of an audience as an adult was in front of an adult audience. It
was very exciting and also a bit scary! It was in a restaurant and members of the public were
there as well as the group I was singing to. I thought people would look at me and wonder what I
was doing up there but it was great and I enjoyed myself.

7) How do you prepare for a performance?

Because I work a lot with children it’s usually them doing the singing and my back is to the
audience when I’m the choir director! When I am the one doing the singing it’s good to have had
good sleep, warm the voice and body up. I make sure I’m well hydrated (drink water) but always
have an all important toilet stop before heading on stage-that goes for children and even Queens!

8) Where can your new fans (our readers) go to find you?

I would love to meet your readers online on Youtube and Facebook (JellyBean Queen) or
instagram (jellybeanqueensongs) and even recently on TikTok!

You can listen to more JellyBean Queen music on your favourite streaming platforms.
You can find all these by clicking on this link here: https://linktr.ee/jellybeanqueensongs

9) What would you tell a young person about following their dreams?

What do you love to do? What do people tell you you are good at? Once you know, do a little of
whatever it is every day and get better and better at your passion. Watch and learn from others
but also don’t be afraid to do things you way too! It’s okay if over time your dream changes-you
are growing and changing and sometimes dreams do too!

Most of all LOVE yourself, truly love yourself because once you do you will be able to share your
love and passion with others too and the world will be a far more beautiful place to be.

10) Anything else you would like to add?

I would love to see readers pictures of their own ‘Soul Birds’! What would your Soul Bird look
like? After listening/watching the song if you would like to draw (or paint!) your own version of
your Soul Bird. You can send a photo/scan of the picture to me (JellyBean Queen) at:
jellybeansingers@gmail.com. They might even end up on Youtube too!

Thank you so much for listening to ‘Soul Bird’. I hope the next time you look in the mirror you truly see someone you really love-just like the ‘Soul Bird’ does!

Remember be Kind, be Brave and Sing like the Soul Bird-who is loveable just like you!

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