What’s So Funny? Telling Jokes!

by, Jo Carol Hebert

Today is National Tell a Joke Day!

People tell jokes to make people laugh. They are a form of entertainment. Jokes are one of the oldest forms of storytelling. Laughter is good for you. Laughing is a shared social experience that is bonding and a ‘mood booster’. A funny story can make people smile, grin, giggle, chuckle, chortle, or LOL!  People look different when they smile. It makes them seem more friendly. 

In ‘joke story-telling’, you have a ‘set-up’ and a ‘punchline’. Listeners are anticipating the story to go a certain way and then, POW! – you surprise them with a twist or play on words that don’t fit their expectations. Telling jokes can be a good way for kids to build confidence, develop a sense of humor, and learn to tell a story with timing, phrasing and tone. But, jokes can be harmful if the humor makes fun of other people.

Are You Are a ‘Comedian?

You might be a comedian if you can…

1. Learn or read a joke (is it funny to you)?

2. Remember the joke to tell it.

3. Understand the ‘humor’ of the joke (what makes it funny to you)?

4. Tell the joke to your friends. Tell the joke to your family (is it funny to them)?

5. Keep a notebook of jokes that make people laugh.

Here Are Some “crack you up” Jokes To Practice

What kind of tree fits in your hand? (a Palm tree)

How does a tree get on the Internet? (it logs in)

What can you catch but never throw? (a cold)

What’s bigger when it’s upside down? (number 6)

Knock-Knock. Who’s there? Spell. Spell who? OK.  w.h.o.

What did the fly order at McDonalds (french flies and a diet croak)

Why didn’t the teddy bear eat dessert? (because he was stuffed)

Why is Cinderella bad at soccer? (because she runs away from the ball)

Why did the kid cross the playground? (to get to the other slide)

Why did the melon jump in the lake? (it wanted to be a watermelon)

Why did the football coach go to the bank? (to get a quarterback)

What is an artist’s favorite shoes? (Skechers)

Name a bow that can’t be tied. (a rainbow)

What creature is smarter than a talking parrot? (a spelling bee)

How does the ocean say ‘hello’? (it waves)

What animal needs to wear a wig? (a bald eagle)

What letter of the alphabet has the most water? (the letter ‘C’)

What word is spelled wrong in every dictionary? (the word, ‘wrong’)

How do you catch a ‘school of fish’? (with bookworms)

How do turtles talk to each other? (on shellphones)

Why did the spider go on the Internet? (to check his website)

What stays in a corner, but travels the world? (a stamp)

What do you think of these jokes? Do you know a funny joke you would like to share? Tell it to us in the comments section!

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