Show Us Your Stuff Saturday – The Story

By, Suryajoshita B. – Age 13

She couldn’t understand why this was happening! This was her fourth time drawing a pear; it kept coming as something else! She was accepted as a newbie in ‘Archer’s Arts and Crafts school‘ and should submit her holiday work on the first day.

Her mother’s dying wish was for her to get into this school. When her mother was alive, she encouraged her to not just draw something but to understand it, picture it and then draw it, but she was not here with her anymore.

She missed her mother a lot.

Her aunt criticized her and discouraged her every single minute she lived. She never told her anything about her father except that he walked out on them with her older sister on the day she was born.

She wished she was with her family now.

She struggled with her pear endlessly. Her aunt would come there in some time and give her a hard time about how she should be more like her own daughter, who is perfect in everything even though she is not. She should join her academy next week.

She promised herself she would do her best to become an exceptional artist and move out of the house and as far away from her aunt as soon as possible.

Finally! She got the pear right! Yay, she thought. She gave it some last-minute touches and started colouring it.

She felt her aunt would barge in there any minute and order her to prepare dinner. She did not want to be disturbed. She did not wish to see anyone right now. She got lost thinking about her bright future and finished colouring. She was pleased with the outcome.

She was not hungry and was glad her aunt did not call her. She went to sleep wondering how her new school was going to be.

The following day, she woke up, got ready, and went for breakfast. That was when she saw something unusual. A middle-aged man was sitting at the table opposite her aunt. He was wearing a white shirt and khaki shorts. He had a friendly face with light stubble. He had thin arms and legs. She looked at his chocolate-coloured eyes and thought they were the exact colour as hers. He welcomed her into the chair beside him and told her he was her father.

She blacked out immediately.

She woke up an hour later. The shock was too much. Her father came into her room and placed his hand on hers. He told her how sorry he was for abandoning her and asked if she wanted to stay with him and her sister.

She talked to him about her life, school, and dreams. She said she would like to live with them. She was excited to meet her sister.

She was thrilled.

She needed to get ready for her travel.

She folded her few possessions into the suitcase her father had bought her. She looked at her room. She knew everything would change forever. She decided to draw something as a last memory here.

She took out the drawing paper, colours, and blending tools and started to colour with her heart. There was no reason for her to go to an art school. There was no reason to learn. There was only a passion for drawing. Art was flowing through her blood. She was born to draw.

After a while, her father entered her room but could not find her.

She was gone!

He checked everywhere, but she was nowhere to be seen.

He ran up the stairs and called her aunt. He said that his daughter was missing. Just then, a blinding light bathed everything.

Everyone was awestruck.

She appeared in the room in a magnificent gown decorated with dazzling gemstones. Colourful patterns adorned the floor wherever she walked. Her hair was done, and she glowed brightly. No one could recognize her.

She was as beautiful as a rainbow!

She said she was the goddess of art now and would leave everyone to live with the master of the universe, the lord of the cosmos, God!

Her aunt fell to her knees and begged for her forgiveness. She already forgave her. Her father was spellbound. She said her goodbyes. A colourful vertex of light swallowed her.

She was gone just like that.

She woke up with a start. She was sweating profusely, and her pillows were on the floor. She was still in the dingy basement where she slept every day.

She got up, got ready, and went for breakfast. That was when she saw something unusual.

A middle-aged man was sitting at the table opposite her aunt. He saw her and welcomed her into the seat next to him.

He said that he was her father!


Thank you, Suryajoshita, for this well-told tale! It’s fabulous! If you loved this story give it some applause!

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